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This was partially inspired by infinitecolors, who asked her readers to rant on what bothered them about people in two paragraphs only. Obviously, people are a bothersome lot. They're a very self-interested lot. So whenever you're dealing with "people" in general, there are going to be problems, not the least of which is simply grouping "people" into one unit.

Really, everyone is an individual, with individual likes and dislikes, phobias and hobbies, attractions and repulsions.

It's funny, because as humans we are social, so we want people to support the choices we make and the things we do. "Hey! Do you like the local team of the area? I do as well! Let us go to a nearby alcohol dispensary for snack foods and beverages and to watch the latest contest between our favorites and those we do not like."

And so, a bond has been formed, merely on the basis of something like sports. So, being a little social is good. But being completely open and social isn't.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many languages on this planet? Wouldn't life be great if we could all speak one single, Earth language?

Well, that's not going to happen anytime soon, and may not completely ever. That's because we don't want it to happen. As humans, we like being able to be experts at things... we like knowing things that other people do not know. This is a part of what being human is about. We like to lord over the underlings, to wield our power over (or be controlled by) others. And when it comes to communication, that's what I mean.

Language was an evolution. Rather than grunts and noises, we formed words and sentences. This caught on as we taught the next generation to speak. But if everyone spoke the same words, how could you warn the dwellers in your cave that something bad was about to happen without tipping it off to the attackers that you knew? You had to make a different language! Certainly the slave owners knew this and made certain that most of their slaves were illiterate. Language is power, and working in groups is far more effective than going it alone.

Our violent past is what has insured our violent future. Now, not being able to communicate properly and effectively with people in various parts of the globe is a major stumbling block in not only coming to terms with who those people are and what they do, but to just permit the most basic of conversations. There's no talking if you don't know what anyone is saying.

Then there's that whole "pride" thing. Humans are a proud people. More proud than a pride of lions. Prouder than the proudest peacock. And really, are peacocks "proud?" I suspect they're not. Ditto on the King of the Jungle Corps. Humans are so proud, they project their pride all over the place!

But it's in the pride of not knowing and yet still wanting to be expert that the gaps in communication occur, and we're certainly seeing the results of that firsthand. Our Prideful Leader insisting on the course of action to accomplish the mission. But, there's pride on the other side, and people there want to prevent it from happening. Prevent what from happening? They don't know, but it must be stopped!

And, we're back to the language thing again.

Then there's the tribe thing. If you're friendly with someone, you can say most anything to them and they are going to be fine with it because they know you, your motives, your humor, your demeanor. Who you like and support is an instant cue, a way of knowing something about you in shorthand form. And that's what we're collectively all about. Choosing sides. Having something to go up against. The ego has landed.

Maybe John Lennon was right. Maybe there is no "next." Maybe this is it. No heaven or hell to attend once we exit our bodies and spirit ourselves away. No "Roddenberry" style future Earth where we come together as one and explore other galaxies, meet other life forms (presuming we aren't the most intelligent creatures in the Universe), and learn, not just a new destiny, but a TRUE destiny. But is anyone considering that? Certainly not anyone who is in power. That's the thing about Status Quo. It doesn't allow for improvements, even at the risk of losing a little ground to accomplish it. There's no giving up power, if it doesn't "have" to be given.

We'll never even get to ask the "why" of everything if we never get past our own differences. And really, we can't even talk amongst ourselves! We literally can't deal with the people we have termed "friends." Our homeroom is in a shambles, and the bickering continues, unabated. How can we ever hope to deal with those that speak in a way we don't yet understand? And we haven't even gotten to other species of life yet! It all seems to be happening at a glacier's pace... and with global warming, I think this party is going to run out of ice.

So, is there a solution? Is there even a concept we could run a scientific theory test or two? Difficult to know. We have been spun around in the dark, like so many piñata players; if we did hit something brilliant, it would just be an accident. And we're being forced to keep those blindfolds on, for "our own good."

Damn! And everyone is so lethargic because this life is all that everyone knows. Egos are being stroked. Money is being earned. Applause is heard and creature comforts are provided. There's no vision of the future, no idea of how we can craft that future, except what positives each individual person can make for themselves. Right now, it's all about the "ME" of it. MEanwhile, soldiers, brave men and women of this land, are off in some far off place, fighting "for our way of living," which, by the way, is that some producers create a show and call it "Reality TV" while the reality of the news is still largely being overlooked by the people in power. How can we tell them what's going on here.

The blindness increases. Will the light shine through? The prideful ego continues to control. Will we put it in check? The lack of communication continues. Will it end before we end?

Maybe, it's time to stop talking and start listening.


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Jun. 8th, 2006 03:17 pm (UTC)
I love how you write, you always make me stop and think about things after posts like these.

I agree with the pride thing, it's as if we as humans just can't wait to boast to anyone and everyone that will listen about what our kid did at school or what the dog finally learned, or that promotion we got, etc. even if it's nothing to be excited and pride and boastful about, we still have to tell EVERYONE.
Jun. 9th, 2006 11:10 am (UTC)
Thanks... I'm wondering if this is a species element... since it is so universal, it seems that it's not just a behavior.

But clearly everyone wants to be thought of as "special." And once you have a reason to be considered special, be it an accomplishment, a success, or a child's success... it's all about the pride.

Pride in tiny doses is ok, but it's about the least healthy thing going. Take pride out of the equation and where is the Middle East policy? And now that Al-Zarqawi is dead, I'm sure the pride just got a big boost...
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