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Million Second Quiz Chronicles Part III

So, after I was selected to move on in the competition, my little group of fellow qualifiers were escorted to the Area 8. We went outside and down the block to a parking lot with a couple of tents and lots of couches and blankets.

Before we could sit down and fall asleep, there were more forms to fill out, including psychiatric info... Yes, there are doctors on duty and they made it clear that we could utilize their help and that they would be there for us if we needed some mental moments, but it also meant that we would likely not continue in the game.

Still hadn't had any sleep and every time I was on the verge of dozing, there was some other thing to do... sign this here, meet this doctor who will take your temperature and blood pressure, get photographed again. Get interviewed, again.

As the sun rose over the hourglass (we finally got to see it towering above the parking lot), we all mused about the process and where this was going. Where WAS this going, anyway? Even I had no clue.

At least here we had a proper movie trailer style "honeywagon" for a bathroom, so we were moving up in the world!

So, they actually were doing a cleaning of the honeywagon, which made a ton of noise, just at the time they requested me to have my interview, so they postponed that segment while they snapped my picture.

And just as I got back to the tent to presumably wait out this delay, they brought a person over to say I was going to play the game.

I was escorted to yet another part of the Campus and had a seat, alone about a hundred feet from the door of the testing room... I was told that the guy playing in there was extremely good.

So, I got inside and met the player in "The (practice) Money Chair." His name was Rishi and he was very tall.

We started chatting and he told me he won $100,000.00 on Millionaire last year, and that he was supposed to be on Winner's row, right now! I was feeling a bit like this could be a problem.

The rules in this practice room were different. The question was spoken by an announcer. There were no hard copy versions of the question to look at. And we had Playstation 2 controllers to buzz in our signal.

And it was a close match. But I did squeak out a victory over this guy... who I later watched on TV as he played! I actually beat a guy on Winner's Row! Of course, we both were exhausted and other circumstances might have played very differently, but that's part of the game.

So, I inherited the money chair for the practice room, and the idea was for me to earn enough to actually get to the same level as the winners...

And that's when the bouts began.

More to come...


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