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So, I wanted to send you some "New York" style treats, and I wanted to send a couple more different ones. Maybe in a future send?

In the meanwhile, You have this!

First is the Stroopwafels... and I know what you're going to say. This is a Dutch product made in Canada! How is that "New York" related?

As you might have heard,

even old New York was once New Amsterdam!

NYC is steeped in a lot of Dutch tradition. And these Stroopwafels are definitely something of that. There's a lot of history and tradition in such stuff, so that's pretty great. Maybe I should have sent you a couple of sets, since this is a smallish grouping. If so, maybe I'll include more in another package.

I hope you like the Stroopwafels!!

Next, and more currently, comes the Serendipity3 Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Mix!

Serendipity3 is a restaurant and general store situated on 60th Street between 3rd and 2nd Avenues. It was co-founded by the great Andy Warhol. As the name implies... you'll often find things you weren't looking for there, and everything inside the restaurant is for sale! Even the beautiful Tiffany Lamp fixtures that adorn the booths and tables throughout the dining rooms can be purchased!

To the treat: Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is truly a one of a kind New York Experience! Oprah (unfortunately) talked at length about it on her show before she left, and for about a year after that, the lines to get a table went out the door. Lots of celebs like to dine there, for the truly decadent desserts, but this is their signature treat.

My one note is that you follow the directions as suggested on the envelope with one exception: instead of using milk, replace it with half & half! It makes it even better than the version they serve in the shop! I didn't even ask if you had a blender. Do you have a blender? I hope you do, because you really need to experience this, correctly. If you don't have a blender, maybe you can visit someone who does?

I included two envelopes so you might try it, share it, maybe do a YouTube of it? Because nobody can have just one Frrrozen Hot Chocolate!

Okay, well, enjoy!

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