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Emmys 2014

There is something seriously wrong with the Awards Show format.

I think the concept is still okay - a bunch of celebrities get all dressed up for the event, walk the Red Carpet, talk about their designers and their work, find their seats in some venue with a beautiful set design, and then about 15 to 20% of the nominees win some hardware.

That worked very nicely for the many years from 1949, the year of the first Emmy telecast, to say, the mid 2000s, when social media began to take hold. Okay... maybe it never worked, but people were content to watch it anyhow, because it was different and maybe somewhat exciting.

Today, there are lots of celebrity events of all sorts and there are lots of awards shows, year round. I'll be honest, I'm sure there are some awards shows that happen that I don't even know about!

Point being, it takes a lot more to make a program like that worth watching, so there has to be some sort of stunt. Problem is, the stars who are willing to do such stuff are basically making it up on the fly, and that really makes it less satisfying and sort of forced.

I mean, take last night. The most talked about thing on this year's Emmy Awards was the kiss between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston (both of whom won their categories - she for Best Actress in a Comedy - "Veep" and he for Best Actor in a Drama - "Breaking Bad") Apparently, they set that up during the ceremony - prefacing it with their banter as they presented an Emmy together earlier in the evening. Apparently they had to okay it with their spouses, and then they went for it.

But, two actors, kissing? Name a day when that DOESN'T happen in LA.

The best moment of the evening was simply Jimmy Kimmel, who came out there, did a shout-out to the still on the mend Tracy Morgan (you might recall Kimmel tried to create a twitter/facebook stunt when he hosted in 2012, by having Tracy lay down on the Emmy stage as though he had a heart attack or something to get people interested in what is basically an uninteresting ceremony) then did a wicked and hilarious takedown of Matthew McConaughey, presented an award and left. Seth Meyers, the host of the show, had all night to say something funny and couldn't get the laughs that Kimmel got in 3 minutes.

And of course Billy Crystal's tribute to his longtime friend Robin Williams, after a far too star-studded "death reel" with Sara Bareilles singing the Charlie Chaplin classic song, "Smile." The stories Crystal shared prove that Williams was capable of slipping into and out of multiple lives, that he was capable of connecting with people on their level and that he was, perhaps, one of the better representatives of what being human is really all about.

Yay! Some people won some statues. We got to celebrate "Breaking Bad" one more time. We got to celebrate "Modern Family" one more time. We got to ignore all of the programming from the internet one more time.

A magical night.

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