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Foot Friday - "Sneak" and "Sleepy" Feet

There have been some stories in the media, mostly local newscasts and such, but occasionally some national scandal, about some guy stealing a woman's socks or shoes. These sorts of events help to make guys that have a foot interest seem weird by association.

Usually, these stories blow over in a few days, or a week tops, and people forget about them until the next odd foot fetish story occurs. Really, those that take socks and shoes have a sock or shoe fetish, or maybe a "foot smell" fetish. But most people aren't going to distinguish between any of those, even though they really are different elements.

On this board that I used to be part of, there occasionally were morality discussions that related to such things, like the following posted question:

Is taking photos of a females feet - a crime?

many will argue its immoral and perhaps wrong.

then u get the group who'll associate that kind of activity with 'perverted behaviour' and/or 'voyeurism'.

i give up. i dont know any more.

u never get a str8 answer from ppl, or if u do - they give you answers in riddle form leaving you bamboozled till kingdom come.

the legions of dudes out there who post candid shoeplay/feet clips on youtube, get praise from 'men' who dont do this - but appreciate and DROOL @ their material.

so i wonder, if its THAT common - is it a 'bad thing' for a guy to appreciate the beauty of female feet ?

or is it just the whole concept of going that extra mile - to take photos/video clips of womens feet !??

i just get the impression law enforcement authorities would have something unsupportive of candid feet filming.

i dunno.

if its a crime - then what knid of punishment can one get for candid photo/filmography ?

the type i refer to is where the dude DOESNT hide the camera.

First just to clarify what this actually is, there are sites where guys who secretly/blatantly shoot videos and photos of women's feet in malls, parks and other public places will sometimes trade or post them to a video service like YouTube or Vimeo, but will also SELL those vids and pics to other people. Just imagine being commerce and not even knowing it?

Not to tip my hand about what I think too soon, let's entertain the concept for a moment. I'm all about normalcy. I think I'm a fairly normal person. But when I see something on a newscast and it becomes a court case, that's not normal, that's a freak show! And I do not like that one bit.

My response to the above:

" Is taking photos of females feet in public - a crime ? "

My answer really isn't a simple yes or no, and probably includes some of the "bamboozle" style answer that he doesn't really want, but I think if we really want to take the time to consider this concept, let's really look at it.

The fact that the question is being asked implies that the person asking is admitting some sort of guilt. If there were no question about it, there would be no need to ask the question. And to me, that's the center of the issue. The person asking is of the understanding that what they intend to do will not be considered kosher by those viewing the activity. They just want to make sure they can get away with it.

And that goes to the other point I constantly try to make around here: Sharing Is Caring. If you are doing stuff related to feet just for your own personal wants or needs, you are literally missing out on half the fun. If all you want to do is sneak around and snap shots of women's feet, you've got a Plato's Cave situation (google that if you don't understand the ref).

My point is put yourself in the place of the other person. Every time. Because it's not entirely about you. Maybe in your world it is, but when you start interacting with other people, you are out of that world.

I know that many people interested in feet can be submissive, or at least shy, and maybe don't feel confident enough to actually speak to someone they find attractive. My one word advice: practice. Just like anything the more you do it, the better you get. Granted, some people are going to practice sneaking pic snaps from their iphones, but better is practicing compliments to women who are displaying their feet nicely. Believe it or not, that will make them feel so much better, they'll be asking you to take some shots of their flip-flops to send to their facebook pages!

I guess the real answer to the question can never truly be revealed, because globally, there are different rules in different countries, regions, cities and towns. But I think we can all agree that if you do decide to simply snap pictures of women without their knowledge, maybe you need to improve your social skills fast!

A somewhat related (and to me, even more disturbing) topic comes up occasionally. Referred to as "sleepy feet," it's basically the opportunity for someone to use a woman's feet for your own gratification while she is asleep. This can be as innocent as looking/staring, or as involving as touching/massaging with various body parts, not of the woman's choosing.

Certainly in the wake of Bill Cosby's seemingly endless litany of drugging and raping the dozens of women who were unfortunate enough to cross his path, this is tame by comparison, but it feels like a second cousin to that kind of behavior. Here's a bit of that discussion:

Is playing with a girl's feet while she asleep, or playing with a girl's shoes/socks/footwear while she's not aware of it and not in them at the moment, immoral? And if so, how would you argue it? Is it rape? How can you 'rape' a shoe/sock? And is foot fetishism so tied to a sexual act that sleepy foot play would categorize as 'rape'?

I want to hear all views on this, as long as they're not personal insults. I think that, since there are a LOT of people who love to engage in these behaviors on this forum (just look at the stories section, if you need any example), we need to discuss this.

Can you argue, from a legal standpoint, that what is described in the written word is by definition, illegal, and can you point out what parts are illegal and what isn't (like, is smelling a girl's foot legal, but sucking on her toes not?)

This actually opened up to a more lengthy discussion. My first response (there was another thread that discussed the same topic at about the same time this was posted) was as follows:

To distill a couple of the points: if a woman doesn't give her consent and you do something physical to her, that's assault. And if it involves your genitals or hers, then that's rape. So, there's no real argument there. Now, are you in a relationship with this woman? Is she your girlfriend, fiance, long term companion or wife? She'll probably forgive you and might encourage you to do that sort of thing if that's the relationship you have. But it's women that you don't know, don't have that kind of relationship with that are the question, and it seems like these are mostly the women that sleepy feet guys target.

As for the jerking off into a shoe or sock, that doesn't help make "foot fetish" seem "normal" to the rest of the world. No, it's not rape, but it definitely seems weird to the casual and non-foot fetish observer!

Finally: Not all foot fetish or foot interested guys have any interest in this "secret" or "sleep" stuff.

When another board member posted about how it was his "fantasy," I responded:

I guess what I'm saying is what I always say when it comes to this topic: are you putting your interests, your desires and your pleasure ahead of the woman's? If you are, I have to ask why? Is that person just an object, like a used pair of panty hose or dirty tube sock for you to use however you want? I've often said that sharing your interest in feet and doing things to make it interesting and pleasant for the woman involved is far more worthwhile than not admitting it.

The problem is that some guys want to sneak and the pleasure for them is knowing that the woman doesn't know! So, they want to do it this way.

Fantasizing? Sure, yes. Whatever you want to think of is ok. But when you start acting on it, you run the risk of getting caught and getting labeled a foot freak, and by association, everyone who likes feet will get lumped into that category, making things just that much more difficult for people to understand. Stop being selfish and start acting with some morals. There are other ways to get off without needing to sneak.

I think the general assumption on the part of the people asking these questions was that everyone at that board felt the same way about these topics as they did, and they were looking for some reinforcement for their behavior from people who thought similarly. As I previously stated, foot interested people are unique in that we all like different elements, and that goes for the things that surround that interest.

I don't necessarily want to group these guys in with someone like Cosby, but, in a way, it's almost like a training ground. If you're not just perfectly fine, but eager to do this to someone, where will you draw the line? What else would you be willing to do, if you knew you could get away with it?

There were definitely people I avoided interacting with on that board. The defenders of that sort of behavior were on that list, except when I made comments to their threads, like these. I'll never know if I made a difference in their perception of these situations, but I had to try.

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