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Foot Friday - Scent of a Woman('s Feet)

As previously stated, the curious thing about a "foot interest" or a "foot fetish" is both how widespread it tends to be (at about twenty percent of men who report a positive response to feet, it's the most popular element of this sort), but also how individual it tends to be. Meaning: if you meet a guy who you discover has a "thing for feet," then later meet another guy who is equally interested, you might be surprised just how very different their interests actually are! Everything one guy liked might be something the other guy finds uninteresting, and vice versa.

One really great example of that ancillary interest is foot smell.

Let's begin with an obvious point: feet do smell. They are encased in shoes, socks, stockings and slippers, sneakers, boots and even when they're out in the open, in sandals, flip-flops or barefoot, they can still work up a sweat. So, there's nothing wrong with, embarrassing about or even mildly inappropriate about feet that have an odor.

Some people are especially interested in feet that have a leather scent from the high heel that attaches itself to the foot, or maybe a rubber scent that attaches from boots or running shoes of that sort, as two examples of frequent interest that are considered attractive to certain individuals.

But keep in mind, unless you haven't washed in a week, or you're a really active sort, a person would have to be fairly close to actually smell your feet, like having your feet right on their face (and yes, that's a thing).

Feet, when they're freshly washed, tend to not have an odor, though. And there are some guys who prefer less aroma. Like this case in point:

I enjoy fresh, baby smooth female feet. Odor turns me off, weather it be armpit smell, bad breath etc.. I just can't get myself to get past foot odor even if I find a girl open to a foot massage or whatever. Once the shoes come off and I smell "pungent" I am done with it. Any one else feel this way?? IMO, if someone like "smelly feet" they may as well like male feet. BTW, I take steps to be assured my feet have no odor, like putting on lotion before I put on socks, and scrubbing them when showering.. SO am I in the norm here?? Thanks for your input...

I was invited to respond, so I jumped right in, natch!

Not to take this too far off topic, but I always wonder what the point of debasing someone else's preference is? Okay, you may not like smelly feet. But why does anyone have to basically shame someone else for enjoying them? As though they are absolutely wrong and need to be taught that lesson in the rudest, most self-centered way possible.

As I often point out, even though foot fetish is considered the most common of all such interests, it is also extremely personalized to each individual. None of us are going to like all the same things about women's feet. But we're all here to talk about feet and what we like. There's really no need to try to insult someone else for what they like. We have the rest of the world out there to make that commentary.

Here's my take on it. I think it's great that there are men who like smelly feet, because there are going to be women with smelly feet and someone needs to take care of those feet! Also, when you "demand" that a woman "take care of" her feet, you're layering on a command to that person's life: do this or I want nothing to do with you. Turn it around. What such commands do YOU have to accept from the woman? Does she make you wax your pubic hair or shave your armpits? And would you do it if she demanded it? Would you say she was allowed to make those demands or is she out of place and out of line to even ask?

The OP never responded to anyone after my remark, but several "foot odor" fans thanked me for defending their right to like something that someone else didn't like, and about respecting different preferences.

In a somewhat related topic, someone posted THIS NSFW link -- if you don't wish to click, it's a listing something called "Japanese Female School Student Feet Smell Bottle - Girl foot leg aroma lotion" (The link is not safe for work because of other products advertised on that page).

The description of this product:

The sweet, pungent aroma of Japanese Female School Student's Feet can now be yours. Ideal for adding to onaholes and masturbators, dolls and clothing, or just all by itself, this smell bottle contains the heavenly but forbidden fragrance of a school student's feet and legs.

(As an aside, an "onahole" is a device for men to use to masturbate. Yeah, I had to look that term up, myself. One popular American onahole is called Fleshlight)

Never mind that we're verging into some sort of pedophilia territory with the "forbidden fragrance" of the "school student" concept, which is another element of Japanese sex fetish material. That's a whole different (and worthy of exploration) topic. But for this discussion, the obvious question that followed:

Has anyone purchased these sprays - and if so how do you compare them to real women's feet? Any other input to add about them?

And no need to simply state women's feet are superior - this is more about comparing.

I had never seen anything quite like this (but then again, Japan is noted for a lot of stuff you wouldn't see anywhere else, especially when it comes to products related to sex). I replied:

I can't imagine a spray comparing well to the actual scent of a woman's foot. Besides, what exactly are you smelling? Some sort of chemicals? Or does someone actually distill the scent of some girl's socks into a solution and create this fragrance? I think if THAT was what was happening, it would cost more than 22 dollars an ounce.

Knowing what I know about creating fragrances, I'd like to know more about the process of creating these sprays. It is a process that requires being able to duplicate the scent over and over and to have the scent last a certain number of hours at a certain level of strength. How to they keep the quality control from shipment to shipment? This is why I think it's probably more chemical smell and less actual girl student sock smell.

But sometimes the thought of getting something like that is all you need, and any guy desperate enough to want that scent will likely spend the 22 dollars to get it!

If you're into that sort of thing, I think you'd be better off with buying a pair of used cotton socks, but diff'rnt strokes, I guess.

According to that web page, now, that product is "Sold Out." I guess they ran out of Japanese Female School Student Feet! Or maybe nobody liked the smell. Or it just didn't sell well enough to produce any more. Foot guys can be really fickle that way.

Foot smell really should be natural though. And real foot smell is! It's a part of what feet are all about. And yes, some guys really love the smell of feet to the point of having a physiological reaction to it. When it comes to the subject of feet, there really is no underestimating the power of scent.


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Aug. 22nd, 2015 06:34 pm (UTC)
I am grateful that you post these, because it pushes me out of my comfort zone to read.

My head says "so what, feet are the same as any other body parts", but at the same time I feel a societal taboo that makes reading these entries uncomfortable and a little weird. And a little too aware about my own feet, too, because normally I only care that my shoes are comfortable...
Aug. 24th, 2015 02:59 am (UTC)
And thank you for taking a moment to respond.

I had hoped not to make people uncomfortable about this; really the opposite was the intention.

Ultimately, feet are still "just feet," and I hope you're not going to get self-conscious about them because of these posts. The fact is, it's not really weird or uncomfortable, and that is kind of my point. It's really pretty average.

But, you're right, there is a bit off a taboo on this, and my point is it really isn't that big a deal. You do not have to think any more about feet than you have to, unless you want to, or unless you're in a relationship where that is a part of it.

Take the elements from these essays that you want and leave the rest!
Aug. 25th, 2015 01:57 am (UTC)
Very interesting post, I haven't thought about foot interest since the last time I sold some used shoes on ebay. I received a message from a person who was incensed that my shoes were clean (lol, as per ebay's rules!).

I recently learned that foot health is something physicians monitor closely in the elderly, since foot problems can be the first sign of diabetes, poor circulation, dementia, etc. I'm glad my feet are in good shape and I care for them attentively! I can understand how foot scent is an interest, it can tell you a lot about the person, their shoes, their activity, their microbiome, even if they ate garlic recently!
Aug. 25th, 2015 05:02 am (UTC)
Sounds like you got a foot smell person! I'm sure it can be disappointing for those that like it to have no odor attached to a used shoe. For them, there would be no point in buying it without it!

Feet are the outposts of the body, and they do a lot of work generally. And there is an element of science to the scent. Though I suspect most who really like foot odor probably wouldn't directly connect smelling the shoe, sock or feet of a person with determining the health of a person, but it's very likely subconsciously there!
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