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As I Responded in davesmusictank Entry...

davesmusictank is a really great go-to for anything musical that typically isn't "popular." You have lots of outlets for that stuff across the internet, all of them playing the remnants of One Direction or the latest soap opera set to song lyrics of Taylor Swift.

But we all were taken aback when the announcement about David Bowie came. He had just released a new album, "Blackstar" on January 8th, his 69th Birthday. Bowie knew what was going on though. He had been secretly fighting Cancer for 18 months, not cluing anyone in the public eye that there was a problem, and going ahead and shooting videos for the tracks on this newest effort.

I think those of us who are familiar with his music and more importantly, what he was trying to say with his music, could write volumes about it. But, I think I can't better sum up a performer, a career, a life better than I did in RIP David Bowie, Dave's tribute to him. Therein, I simply stated:

Bowie leaves a shockingly vast void in the fabric of both rock music and pop culture. The fact that his final album was just released Friday and that it appears just as cutting edge and unique as all the rest of his documents is a true testament to a performer who didn't have his finger on the pulse of the world, but rather had his finger on his own pulse and pulled us in to the beat of his heart.

His musicianship is unquestioned, but his acting ability was very much underrated, and his performances there were endlessly watchable.

This was a tough one to take.

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