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The "Be A Clown" Video... SEEN!

Away back on February 18, 2003, I posted THIS ENTRY all about how I appeared in this funny little instructional video that Ringling Bros. produced during my Clown College class called "Be A Clown," Produced by Ron Severini, a former Dean of Clown College.

So, it seemed that the kid in the video, one Joey Severini, Ron's son, has posted it on youtube, so now you all can see the nonsense I got myself into when I was at dear old RBBB CC.

Part 1 = Where you meet Joey and a whole lot of clowns, and learn the basics of clown movement and actions.

Part 2 = Where you get some insights about juggling and balloon twisting and a bit about costuming.

Part 3 = Where you get the rest of the stuff on creating a costume and, what I consider the highpoint of the entire video: the great Lou Jacobs performing a couple of his incredible performances (keep in mind, he was well over 80 at the time of this video!)

Part 4 = Where you get to see a couple of other clown performances including Steve Smith, who was the Dean of Clown College at the time, doing a routine we all learned called "Dead and Alive."

Oh, and you finally get a look at me... at 8:14 or so on the counter I'm out of and magically into my makeup!

Plus Steve Smith gives you some inspirational thoughts about clowning and you actually learn some things about applying makeup!

Part 5 = Where you learn some more makeup tricks and techniques

and Part 6 = The conclusion

Personally, I think the video, which sold pretty well for itself at the time, helped to put Clown College out of business! Not that the demand to be a clown was that great, but now, no longer did people need to go to Ringling to get the best training... other people opened their own training camps and used the material found in this video to teach. Ringling effectively took themselves out of the market because of this video!

That's Greatest Show on Earth Biz!


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Apr. 7th, 2011 05:52 am (UTC)
Way back on Feb of 2003, when you first posted, I asked if there was any chance we would see a picture. I had to laugh since this is the first time in YEARS that I have popped back over here to see if anyone still posted. Thanks for the surprise of seeing you with your full clown on!!

Apr. 7th, 2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
Well, there ya go! Great of you to show up!

I'm still here, though LiveJournal now seems to be a place for mostly celebrity gossip nowadays, via the little monsters of ohnotheydidnt! But there are a few of us determined to keep using LJ, even if the rest of the world has gone to FB or tweeting.

Thanks for popping in!
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