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Million Second Quiz Chronicles Part IV

What I didn't know at the time was that even though we were playing in this non-descript set up area, I was actually playing the game! I was in the money chair, only without all the lights and the halo that flashes your total continuously. I had beaten a member of Winner's Row... Rishi. Although had I beaten him during the "Winner's Defense" segment of the game, I would have inherited all of his money.

Here, I just got to take his seat and start earning 10 dollars a second, beginning at 0.

So then, I had to start facing off against other people. Many of them people I got to know a little during the process we had all went through.

It's tough because you are knocking these people out, and it becomes a very cutthroat situation. It's them or me.

So, the segment went like a blur, and I defeated my first 4 opponents. I got an eleven minute break to go to the bathroom.

I literally lost count of how many players I had played... Craig, the production leader, told me "You're up to 18."

And I had passed 70,000 dollars.

Keep in mind, I had been awake since the day before, at 7am, and it was now nearly 10am the next day.

And then came that fateful game. A woman name Naomi entered the room. I probably could have used a break of about an hour. No such thing. I hit the wrong button on the first question. That might have sealed my fate... But I caught back up. There was a math question about percent of savings... I was in no frame of mind to calculate that in my head in 5 seconds. But it ended up a tie, so we went to a tiebreaker question... And we both knew it, but she buzzed in first... leaving me, last.

I finished with a bit more than 78,000 dollars. This wasn't enough to make it to winner's row, so I had to leave.

I wish I could remember some more details about that run... I remember some of the questions, some of the people I beat and the fact that the tiebreaker question was about the little orange character that Dr. Seuss created who was concerned about the environment, and that Naomi said "I have a 7 year old son," after she gave her correct answer of Lorax. But you know, after being awake for something close to 28 hours straight, it's a bit more difficult to remember the details.

Naomi hugged me goodbye as she took the chair... but, of course, she didn't go anywhere. She got eliminated as well, maybe on the very next game. But for sure, she was ousted long before she could have earned enough to get into the televised game that night.

As I was collecting my things and packing up to go home, the production assistant said that I could reschedule and come back again! I mumbled something about how unlikely that was, and staggered towards the Times Square Subway station. I needed to sleep and try to forget about how badly that last game went.

More to come...


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Sep. 14th, 2013 03:05 pm (UTC)
Damn! I was hoping I would get to see you on tv!
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