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I wanted to seriously examine the four people who are basically CBS "Artists in Residence" that would be a great fit for the role of Craig Ferguson's replacement as host of "The Late Late Show." And seeing as how


was the only one of the four who favorited the tweet I made listing off my top choices, she gets first dibs!

Subtle plug for her twitter... she's got more than a million followers, of course.

Now, let's be brutally honest about it. There are more women out of the work force NOW than at any time in the nation's history. And Late Night Television has been a man's world for... ever. I mean, women barely get to participate, let alone star in shows that air after 11pm Eastern. And that's been true since Steve Allen kicked things off with the original Tonight Show in 1954. Throughout the tens of thousands of hours of programs in that soon to be three score time frame, women who were on camera fixtures/regular performers on these shows probably still can be counted on your fingers and toes. And women who are/have been writers on these shows? You probably only need your hands.

If CBS were smart and innovative, clever and cutting edge, they would consider bringing a woman in to host. It's time to bust up the boys club and give a woman a fair network chance. Yes, Joan Rivers did get to host a show. For about six months. In 1986. On Fox. When Fox was barely a network. How does that even count? Even Joan doesn't remember those shows!

But to the point. Whitney Cummings is a ridiculously amazing choice to host. Here's why.

1. She's got the experience. Cummings has done years of stand up on the circuit, She's contributed to and/or guested on a lot of late night telecasts (I first noticed her as a correspondent for "Last Call with Carson Daly," filing reports from the Sundance Film Festival), and she's a brilliant writer, having co-created the smash CBS sitcom "2 Broke Girls," and being the titular star of the NBC comedy "Whitney."

Our Ms. Cummings has appeared frequently on E!'s "Chelsea Lately," the round table gab fest hosted by Chelsea Handler and features a rapid fire, scatter shot take on the entertainment headlines of the day. Whitney always scored big on those appearances, which means she has great "desk humor" material (and her observations there were nearly always smarter than the subject matter she was asked to examine). And based on all of the interviews I've seen, (including a kind of mini tryout on E! with her "Love you, Mean It with Whitney Cummings") she can chat with pretty much anybody, anywhere. Even in a car, in various cities - as she did with Lexus in her YouTube series "Darkcasting" a few years back. Suck on those coffee beans, Seinfeld!

2. She's smart AND funny. I'm really tired of apologists who say that late night shows have to be nothing but schlock. And I'm not saying that Whitney won't dumb it down some of the time. But, just like classic Goldie Hawn, it takes a smart person to play dumb really convincingly. There are a lot of possibilities about where Whitney's show could go, so I wouldn't want to speculate and pigeonhole what she might do, if she's given the chance. But I know it would be hilariously intelligent (at least some of the time), and it would have something to say worth saying (most of the time). But most of all, it would be fun (all of the time)!

3. She has the least baggage. Pretty much anyone else who might be in the running to take this job (that we've previously heard of) has a history. And many of those histories have elements that not everyone would like. But Whitney knows when to push the envelope and when to lick it shut, and that's why she's ready for this kind of opportunity! And, as a bonus, she's a genuinely nice person and an easy laugher, something first time comics who might appear on her show would appreciate.

4. She's a woman! With half the population being female, this might have an impact on ratings, maybe? And with the male 18-34 demographic, Whitney can be easy on the eyes as well. She walks into a place and just owns it, because she has that air of self-confidence that puts a viewer at ease. She knows what she's doing. Plus when she commits to something, she is committed! We saw this with her sitcom, for sure. With that kind of energy, how could America fall asleep on her?!

Let's try out the title: "The Late Late Show with Whitney Cummings!"

Sounds good!

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