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Forget the search... we already have someone who replaced Craig Ferguson as the host of "The Late Late Show." His name is:


On twitter, he's @DrewFromTV

And it's absolutely true. Carey has already taken over the LLS. On April Fool's Day of this year, The current host of "The Late Late Show," the very outgoing (and, of course, outgoing) Craig Ferguson (and his on camera staff), swapped jobs with the current host of "The Price Is Right," Drew Carey (and HIS on camera staff) for a very entertaining couple of hours of teevee.

Unfortunately, Drew's full episode was only available through the CBS website for a month after it aired (The air date was actually March 31, but at 12:37am, it was officially April 1st), so you can't see the episode in its entirety. But we do have some snippets to let you get a sense of it.

Probably most important is the monologue, which really establishes the tone and the grasp the host has on both the topics of interest and the audience. Here is Drew's monologue:

And here's a bit of desk chatter: the "Check the Tweets" segment of the program One Quickie -

and another zinger -

And his Drew's interview with 2000 92 year old Opera Singer Television Legend, Carl Reiner:

What can we learn from this? Drew completely killed as host!

The interesting thing about Drew is that he joined the CBS family under some very difficult circumstances. As the next host of "TPIR," he had to follow Bob Barker, who had been hosting the program continuously since the early 1970s! That is one very tough and very long act to follow. On top of that, they renamed the studio after Mr. Barker and they had Carey close the show with Bob's famed "Have your pets spayed or neutered" tag line every day. Hard to establish a sense of self coming from that kind of situation!

But, in a huge way, all of that works to benefit Drew in transitioning to hosting "The Late Late Show." If he could carve out a way to emcee that game show that was different from the previous host (and "TPIR" now has little, if any, sense of Barker left about it anymore), any other similar opportunities would be a lot easier to handle. And though Ferguson is a beloved figure now, Drew really wouldn't have a problem following him, if he wanted to do it.

It's not clear if Carey has any real aspirations to host Late Late (certainly his jokes in that April Fool's ep suggest he doesn't!) but he absolutely must be considered, based on his vast comedic ability, his easy and comfortable style, his ability to conduct interviews and his nonchalance about the whole thing. If you make hosting into the joke, you'll probably get all of the viewers to laugh right along with you!

Carey has been the star of a long-running, self-titled sitcom, (where he met Craig Ferguson), hosted "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" for a number of seasons on ABC in prime time and has been doing a number of other comedy related projects over the past several years, "Dancing With the Stars" not withstanding.

Certainly Drew Carey has proven he deserves more than a glance when it comes to being the next Late Late Show host, and CBS could do much worse (*coughnormmacdonaldcough**coughjoelmchalecough*) when it comes to candidates.


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May. 6th, 2014 06:51 pm (UTC)
I like this choice too.
May. 6th, 2014 07:27 pm (UTC)
I actually doubt Drew would take job, even if CBS offered it. But I think he would be pretty amazing.

So I take it this means you aren't into the whole Whitney Cummings concept?
May. 6th, 2014 08:48 pm (UTC)
I don't know anything about her. As a non television viewer for most of my life, I am actually surprised at how much I DO recognize in your television posts. I had to "look up" Craig Ferguson today, because you peaked my interest when you said he was on the Drew Cary show. I think a lot of my "knowledge" of television comes from hearing it in the background while cooking and reading, as the ex was an is the number ONE couch potato. When I first looked up who was being replaced (Ferguson) I did not recognize him as anyone I had seen before. It wasn't until I saw a clip of the Drew Cary show on youtube that I "remembered" who he was.I had thought that Drew Cary had TWO shows with his name in them, because of the difference in the "at home" scenes and the work scenes. I found the at home scenes funny, but not the work scenes.

I agree with you in that I doubt Cary would take the job. HIs persona has changed since his successful weight loss, and he seems inspired to try new things to see just what he can accomplish. Dancing with the stars is one of two non football shows I watch on networks btw, hence my meager knowledge about him. Until you started this series I did not know that either he or Wayne Brady was on daytime television.
May. 7th, 2014 02:00 am (UTC)
Drew's joke was that because he hosts "The Price Is Right," he is seen by 15 million people weekly, And when he added on the Late Late Show, that total ballooned to 15 million people!

Personally, I avoid daytime tv like an airborne pandemic. It's just not worth the frustrations and annoyances to bother. But the times I've watched both "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Price Is Right" have been fun.

And I figured there were some people who wouldn't know anything about my candidates, and I hoped my description would have won you over!

But on twitter, because Norm MacDonald has started a tweeting campaign to host the Late Late Show (#LateLateNormNorm) my tweets about these viable candidates are getting buried.
May. 7th, 2014 02:49 am (UTC)
So Norm is using terrorist tactics modern style?

My take on that.

I am still amazed at how much television my no TV viewing person recognizes. It is unfortunate, but inevitable I think that television has invaded our collective conscious and not in a "good" way. Oh I do not mean that daily television is anything bad, I think most people turn it on for the background noise to their daily lives, and in a lot of shows, that is what they are designed to be... non effectual not reactive background noise. non... meaningful.

You are correct in your assumption IMO that late night is more about entertainment and or stress relief than daytime is. Those that watch daytime don't generally work in "office hours" environment.

I am NON PERSONA when it comes to twitter, Facebook, pentris SOCIAL MEDIA impact. I do not use them, I do not know them. They are a non effect in my life. I think that little fact that makes a big impact in today's world as it targets me as a dinosaur. At some point I think some marketing genius will realize my group and angle toward capturing it, but perhaps not. We might not have the viable numbers to justify the effort.

In my experience most television programming is not worth the effort of being GOOD, and I have dismissed it. Based on experience.
May. 7th, 2014 09:10 am (UTC)
The thing about twitter is that if someone (i.e. a celebrity) starts to trend something, people want to participate because A) it means that the celeb might see, favorite and retweet their tweet, which is almost like talking to a celeb. So, since Norm is doing that, a lot of people are just making these comments because they want a retweet from a celeb.

Personally, I think Norm MacDonald might have been an okay host if he had taken over for Kilborn back in 2004. Today? He'd be among the last people I'd want to see. I'm not even sure he can interview anyone! But, because of this twitter campaign, people are using his hashtag and saying they won't watch the show unless he's named the new host.

Oh, and if you watch NFL football (and you do) you'll see all the promos for all the CBS shows during those AFC related games they telecast. You know a lot about CBS and Fox and maybe a little about NBC, since they only cast one Sunday Night game.
May. 7th, 2014 02:32 pm (UTC)
good point about the commercials leaking knowledge into my brain.
May. 9th, 2014 10:46 am (UTC)
I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about (besides the obvious and the name of the show in question) but I enjoy these entries. :)
May. 9th, 2014 10:58 am (UTC)
It's nice that you are commenting here; most of my American friends are ignoring these entries!

The short answer to the question is that we have talk shows late at night here in the USA. One host is leaving his job at the end of the year, and I am proposing replacements for him. The people pictured are the people I think could take the job, and why I think they would be good.

Do you have late night talk shows in Russia? What television shows are available there? Have you seen any programs that come from the USA?
May. 9th, 2014 11:24 am (UTC)
Yes, that is what I understand about the entries. I do not know any of the persons you propose those, or anything about how it works.

There are plenty of talk shows on our radio and TV, and my parents watch and listen to them all the time (we live together), but the subjects of discussion and the way people react to them regularly repulse me, so I do not follow any of those.

Just a few examples of this from the radio "call the hosts and give your opinion" programs (I do not know if those are also called talk "shows").

-While discussing the then just premiered King's Speech there was something about "there was a war brewing, and he had nothing better to than battle his speech impediment? / the movie makers have nothing better to film about WWII?"

-Then another program where they made fun of people suffering from phenilketonuria.

-And yet another a couple of days ago where some doctor was supposed to speak on the dangers of getting tattooes, but the host got him off topic with the old stupid anecdote where the bride confesses to her groom on the way to the wedding she has two of her former lovers tattooed on her breasts and he answers, I imagine how long their faces are going to be in twenty years, and off they went in this condescending tone implying everyone getting a tattoo was stupid, and did not think of the consequences, and how would a bedraggled butterfly look on a 70-year-old, and so on and so forth. (None of their business much?)

Every time I try to watch any of those, I either feel disgusted or like my brain is rotting (from the fashion shows and family drama like "come to us and we will help you check if you partner is faithful. Including tempting him with a hired someone").
May. 9th, 2014 11:27 am (UTC)
There are also plenty of shows "borrowed" from the U.S., such as "Office", "Jeopardy", "Who wants to be a millionaire", as well as series where the idea and the plot line are also borrowed from the American ones and applied to our reality (rather badly very often).

So, yes, I do not trust radio and TV, and what little I watch I don't do live, because of all the pubs stuffed in the too-frequent commercial breaks.
May. 9th, 2014 01:01 pm (UTC)
So you have a Russian version of "The Office?!" That's interesting.

I think game shows often go to many other countries. The concept of a game show is easy, and often very little changes are needed to go from one location to another.

Unfortunately, television always is about advertising products first and anything else like information and entertainment second... unless there is some major event, like a man landing on the moon, or a war or a natural disaster or terrorist attack.
May. 9th, 2014 06:46 pm (UTC)
There is only one day a year when movies are shown without such interruptions. Today, in fact, WWII Victory Day (it is May 9 in Russia, not May 8 like in the rest of Europe due to politics).
May. 9th, 2014 11:57 am (UTC)
The Icon I'm using here is "TV MA" or "Mature" - I don't know if your tv shows have ratings do, but it lets you know that what you're going to be viewing is not suitable for children!

Radio talk shows are quite popular; that's a very different version of talk show, but is IS a talk show!

Interesting comments about "The King's Speech." Personally, I feel that WWII is the war most covered by film in history, from "Stalag 17" to "Casablanca," from "Saving Private Ryan" to "Memphis Belle" I mean I could go on forever with the number of films made about that war... I think people are sometimes a little relieved that there are occasionally films about that era that aren't directly connected to the military.

It's always terrible to make fun of someone with a condition they did not create and cannot control.

But the talk shows you are describing are more like "daytime" talk shows here in the USA. These programs are intended to be "shocking" and "provocative." Usually they are just as disgusting as the ones you are describing.

I agree with you about those shows! I rarely even turn my television on during the daytime.

Late Night talk shows aren't like that. There usually is a band that plays music. The host tells jokes about the day's events. They do comedy bits and a couple of celebrities come out to chat. At the end either a musical guest performs a song or a comedian appears to do a part of their act.
May. 9th, 2014 06:56 pm (UTC)
Our authorities are obsessed with ratings right now. Every book, theatre production, movie, TV and radio program have them. Not Mature, General, Teen, though, but rather 0+, 6+, 12+, 16+ and 18+ (not sure about the last one). The obsession is ridiculous sometimes, I have heard talk about rating Romeo and Juliet so that it can no longer be studied in middle school.

Ah, I see your point now.

There are indeed late shows like the ones you describe, those that are more interesting and well-balanced. There is one about science, for example, where the host invites scientists working in different areas, and prepares well and asks intelligent questions.

I think there are a couple more that are moderately tolerable about the same time (11 p.m. and later). I can not be sure about improv elements and invited celebrities though.
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