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VMA 2014

Music's SECOND Biggest Night of the year is the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. It's kind of the Junior High School to Grammy University, let's be honest.

And YES! MTV *does* still play music videos. Just not on their main network. You have to go to MTV Hits to find the channel that does the music non-stop, 24/7, just like the original channel would do, only without the VJs, and only occasional reports from performers and artists. Apparently, MTV doesn't even think enough of this to even mention the channel (they could name an award for it to promote it slightly) during the ceremony.

The only thing worth watching the VMAs for is to see a specific artist you like that you know is going to perform. And this year, that person was Beyoncé.

MTV knew it, too, because they saved her for the very last. Everything else was a pre-show to the Beyoncé concert that concluded the evening, where she was presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award by her husband, Jay-Z and her daughter, Blue Ivy.

What was everything else, anyway?

Well I guess there were three other notable moments:

First, Common came out to offer a moment of silence re: Ferguson, MO and the death of Michael Brown. It was a powerfully delivered speech and one that the current generation of MTV viewers likely already have in their hearts and minds.

Second, an oddly random still picture tribute to Robin Williams in the midst of the show. Robin did appear in the video to "Don't Worry, Be Happy," the Bobby McFerrin hit, but I doubt any of the current crop of viewers have ever seen that video or even heard that song (except maybe as referenced in the Public Enemy "Do the Right Thing" soundtrack theme song: "Fight the Power"). It was hard to figure out just how that tribute was supposed to fit the program.

And the other notable moment was Miley Cyrus, who kept her twerking azz in her seat as she let a homeless runaway accept her VMA, in order to call attention to the plight of teens who are living on the streets of the United States.

I guess that was a good thing, but there are a lot of complicated elements to trying to resolve that problem and maybe trying to raise awareness this way isn't the best? If anything, that boy band looking, blond haired and blue eyed teen that took the Moonman from Jimmy Fallon might make a bunch more kids want to leave home and find him on the streets!

In the end, it was all about Yoncé though, and she truly is, as her husband called her, "The Greatest Living Entertainer."

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