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Woke at 9. Then dozed. Watched B'ball. Then it was 2pm. So, I decided to walk to Penny Whistle and buy bubbles The guy there sold me a box (25 tubes) for 30 bucks! Cool!

I walked to The Rink - word is we may lose our skating space to another volleyball court. We don't know when. More about this in the coming weeks.

O'Johns ((diner)) and I told Stacey to give Lou my # and call- I'm ready to purchase a computer! I really have to, now. Let's be reasonable. I can't go to Kinko's. All their computers have viruses! And it costs hundreds of bucks for one document. That's it. I'm buying one, ASAP. Plus, I can't get into Christa's computer again till THURSDAY and Mercury goes Retro on FRIDAY! Yikes!

Cool Antique Buick parked along Madison. Little family, very nice.

Click to make BIG

TO THE STORE! I thought I was late. I used blue stars (under my eyes) instead of tears (for my makeup), I was set up and greeting by the front of the Clocktower, juggling all the way.

Celebs? All of the Big: The Musical cast. And Valerie Harper, Bob Mackie, Bobby Rivers (??)... and of course show producer and Ringling Bros. chief, Kenneth Feld. We had a roomful of (toy) demos, Adam Auslander walked stilts outside the store and did his usual ham thing, and flirted with the women handling catering. No Penny Marshall. No Tom Hanks. No Elizabeth Perkins.

I met most of the kids from the show, including Lizzy Mack who was very impressive. I did some serious juggling, lots of dancing and got pulled on stage with the cast - the grandma who made me dance with her granddaughters was funny! And the young lady I danced with who bent over backwards during it? Who was she?? Is she a cast member?

Anyway, I walked Nora (of the Steiff Shop) up to 86th and 2nd and came home.

The New York Times gave a nice review, and everybody was pleased beyond words.

Tomorrow: quick turnaround - Right back to work. Plus: where is this clown going?


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Apr. 30th, 2016 12:43 am (UTC)
I knew you had gone to clown school, and yet it didn't translate into realizing that you might still be doing clown gigs!

What an opportunity. I love the movie-- which has no music, so I wonder how the stage version goes?
May. 1st, 2016 06:25 pm (UTC)
Well, this is a "distant replay" entry from my paper journal. I haven't clowned around in years! I should get back to writing some more entries in LJ about current events, I s'pose.

It's interesting examining this particular show now, especially in light of the fact that this year's Tony Nominees will be announced on Tuesday.

Just to be very clear, Big: The Musical did not in any way eclipse, upstage or even unseat "Big" the Penny Marshall/Tom Hanks motion picture in anyone's heart or mind, not even the Broadway producers responsible for this.

The staged version turned out to be a complete disaster, running for under 200 performances and losing money every step of the way. It was so bad that when they did a touring company version of it, they rewrote the entire thing. If you ever wanted to do a production of this show, this updated "Road Show" version is the only version available - and it actually did modestly well on the road.

Perhaps the only worthwhile song to come from the score of this show is "Stop, Time," which was covered by Broadway actress and Cabaret performer Liz Callaway on her fantastic album "On and Off Broadway" (which I can't recommend highly enough). It's a great song because it actually makes a worthwhile statement, unlike most of the rest of the music created for Big: The Musical. Here it is.

Edited at 2016-05-01 06:26 pm (UTC)
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