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Thursday, May 2, 1996

the day began with a call - No Message - at 9:20am.

Drama Desk Nominations: Ten for Big including Best Musical, score, lyrics, actor Dan Jenkins, actress Christa Moore, featured actor Brett Tabisel, choreography and set. Of course, Rent also got ten nominations. The Awards are May 19th, same day as AIDS Walk.

Work - I shared the Drama Desk info with Gary Jockers, who was interested in what it all meant and with Zoltar, who actually did some Ticket Selling. This, despite a very low traffic day. HOWEVER, we did have a Celeb-du-jour: John Malkovich from Mulholland Falls - the new movie. His two kids Amandine and Loewy, liked my Hula Hooping and his nanny was kind. He had no time for me, which confirmed my opinion that he's just very odd.

Went to HarperCollins after work and did the script. I have a clean copy @ 121 pages. I think it's okay, but the page justification is messed up and the margins are not "regulation." We'll see if any of this matters anyway; it's just the read copy. The script is there... the BUSINESS PLAN is what I really need.

Home to watch the Hawks blow it to Indiana while eating mini-pizzas.

Now the Business Plan: How do I get Herb Ritts to direct the film? Proofing the script, copies to make... also Mercury Retrograde, a Full Moon. It's Just Got To Be Good!

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