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Back in the day, NYC had three different subway companies: the BMT or Brooklyn Manhattan Transit, The IND or the Independent Transit Line and the IRT or the Interboro Rapid Transit. Eventually, these separate subway systems came together to form what we now know as the New York City Subway System.

In 1983, a group came along that capitalized on the initials IRT, but in this case they stood for Interboro Rhythm Team. They created a song that followed the route of the Broadway Local from South Ferry to Upper Manhattan. The name of the song was a familiar phrase to people who listened to the conductor's announcements as they rode: "Watch The Closing Doors."

I remember hearing this song and loving it, and I probably heard it on WKTU, which was the radio station that played Urban/Dance music when it was released. I never got to play it as a DJ because I never found a copy of it, but certainly I would have fit it into my set list if I had, it's just that much fun and worthwhile.

The great thing about the song is that it's accurate to the Uptown bound 1 Train as far as descriptives and order of station stops, and it reflects the sound, tone and attitude of NYC, mid 1980s.

I'm pleased to present This Lost Classic, and to paraphrase the automated subway announcement circa 2016: Stand clear of the Dancing Floor.

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