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One of the banes of every actor's existence is to have to audition for roles. Whether it's for a stage role or for screen, big, small or computer, be it a hundred million dollar budget blockbuster or a local PSA, landing the part can feel like a mountain standing in your way.

Enter, Michael Kostroff. He is a well-seasoned and extremely successful actor in his own right, having done roles across all of television, ranging from heavy drama to soap operas, from kid sitcoms to nationally televised commercials, notable parts in films you definitely have seen, and a host of stage plays and musicals.

He has created what I feel is a revelation and, dare I say it, a revolutionary way of viewing the process of landing jobs in show biz for actors.

Michael Kostroff's Audition Psych 101 is a workshop intensive that will give you a different approach to how you handle the process and might just change your view in a way that even makes the experience fun! Click through to the Audition Psych website and check out some more details about it.

His next workshop is scheduled for Friday, August 19th in New York and I'm pleased to say I'm offering two actors comps to attend it!

There are a couple of stipulations, but they're easy ones.

you only have to follow me on twitter (twitter.com/penpusher)
or on instagram (instagram.com/nycpenpusher)
or on tumblr (nycpenpusher.tumblr.com)
or right here on LiveJournal (penpusher.livejournal.com)

and then post on those platforms with the following phrase:

I'm entered to win a pass to Michael Kostroff's #AuditionPsych101 on Friday, August 19 in NYC!

and include the proper @ to me for whichever platform you're on at the end, so I'll see it. If it's LiveJournal, post it right below this entry to be entered into the drawing!

You will be entered once for each of the platforms that you follow me on, and if you follow me on all four, you'll get a bonus entry, giving you up to five chances to win!

Note: Airfare, carfare, subway fare, hotel accommodations, meal per diems, or any other costs, taxes or other expenses are NOT included. This is only for the workshop itself. So you must be in the NYC area on August 19 to take advantage of this offer.

Also, one actor can only win one comp. That's only fair, right?

This contest will be open until August 3, when the two lucky winners will be drawn and announced. Again, this is for people who will be or can get to the NYC area on August 19th so if you don't think you can attend, please don't enter. Also note, I will not be in attendance for this workshop.

If there are any questions, please ask via any of the platforms and I'll try to clarify.

I really feel this workshop is worthwhile; I wouldn't offer it as a prize if I didn't!

Good luck! Break a leg the internet!

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